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Byron and Wanda Ferguson have done a TREMENDOUS job promoting our products. They come highly recommended by myself and everyone at Vortex Optics.

                                                                                National Sales Manager


Joe Hamilton


Over the past 5 years Byron Has been a national spokesperson for Schrade, Old Timer and Uncle Henry Knives....he is a proven winner for us. With his help we have brought these brands back to prominence.       PR, Advertising and Marketing Director


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Joe Byrd



Year in and year out Byron is THE TOP DRAW at our deer & trukey hunting expos. His performance and presentation are EXCELLENT...and he's easy to work with. President, Target Communications


Glenn HelgelandTestimonial Photo



After 16 years of "IMPOSSIBLE SHOTS" in our national TV shows Byron is the KEY member of our exhibition team. Executive Producer / Host / Shooting USA


Jim Scoutten
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Testimonial Photo“Byron Ferguson is the greatest longbow archer in the world.” - Luke Ellis - TV Producer - History Channel


“Byron is what every little boy dreams of becoming when he gets his first bow. He is a breath of fresh air, combining old world art of the longbow and Southern manners with a great show for family entertainment.” - Bud Watts, Stillwaters Hunting Lodge

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“Byron truly has incredible skills with the longbow. There is a real human being behind that bow and arrow who really knows his stuff where archery is concerned. And what an entertainer he is!” - Joe Young, Celebrity Outdoors

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Testimonial Photo“Byron is “THE MASTER OF THE LONGBOW” period.” - - Dickey Betts, Rock N’ Roll legend - founding member “The Allman Bros. Band”


“In a class by himself, Byron is the archer’s archer. Not since Howard Hill has one man’s skill with the bow and arrow captivated so many people worldwide. He is archery’s ambassador to the world.” - Dr. John Freeland, Inventor of SXT Target Launcher

bioTestimonial Photo3/14/2002