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Become the Arrow - Book
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Become the Arrow - Book Summary

Become the Arrow - Book

The Art of Modern Barebow Shooting

"this book takes accuracy one step further . . . beyond the bow."

Philosophy & Practice of "Become the Arrow"
How to Make a Modern Barebow Shot.
Visualizing the Arrow in Flight
Practice & Shooting Form
Mental Exercise & Muscle Memory
Tuning for Barebow Accuracy & Performance
What Makes a Bow Forgiving & Shootable
Bowhunting, Beyond the Basics
Ten Most Frequent Bowhunting Mistakes
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Become the Arrow book
Byron s Become the Arrow book is absolutely one of my favorite shooting books. Byron shares a ton of information in this book about shooting and bowhunting. The information in the book, will help you on the 3-D range as well as bowhunting. You will not be disappointed.
Just read the book you will learn
I have been shooting a Long Bow off and on since the early 60 s. Byron s book arrived today.In 10 min s I learned 3 things I didn t know. 2 Things I have been doing wrong. This afternoon I shot my best string EVER!
Become The Arrow
BRAVO 5/5 .Very interesting to read,easy to read easy to understand.I should not say it :A Cheap Price for a "WEALTH" of informations.It is my BIBLE.Buy this Book before You buy a Longbow,if You already have a Longbow buy the Book You won't go wrong.Treat Yourself buy MR.Furguson's Barebow 101 DVD,I view it once a week.I just bought a Longbow ang Boy the Book and the DVD help me to improve my accuracy.
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